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Hospitality &

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14 Midcroft, Slough,

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Hospitality &

Leisure Consultant


+44 (0) 7917 210059





I’ll help you on your journey

Having worked in hospitality & leisure for over 30 years, my most recent post as Managing Director of Punch Taverns, I am able to use my portfolio of skills and expertise in strategic leadership, operational efficiency and continuous improvement, to support your business on it’s journey.

BUSINESS Transformation

We work with you to acknowledge and identify challenges and problems your business is facing, then develop and implement a problem-solving strategy with you.


We help and advise you by developing tools that will prepare and support individuals, teams, and the organisation in making the big changes it needs to grow on it’s journey.


We will help with the creation of a long-term value strategy for your organisation from customers, markets, and the relationships your team have with all stake holders in your business.


Once we understand THE challenges your business faces our consultancy is tailor made to suit your business needs.


Listen, understand your challenges and give expert advice on a strategic plan for your business.


Turn your strategic plan into a working model by developing tools to help with the implementation of your strategy and engagement of your team.


Work with you to review your strategic plan with regular reviews built in and acting in an advisory capacity when needed.


We have over 25 years experience working in your sector in a PLC & private organisation, working at board level delivering results with integrity.


Over 25 years sector experience working at board level supporting multiple businesses on a national level.


Working in the UK hospitality & leisure market with focus on the business having relevance to it’s consumer and delivering exceptional customer service.



We have a history of business transformation and operational implementation of strategic plans at PLC and PE level.


Helping you develop and implement your business strategy with long term success through the engagement of your team.


Helping to improve the consumer offer and business performance by reviewing input & output ratios. 


Making sure that our consultancy delivers long term sustainable results for your business.


Get started with a FREE strategy session over a cup of coffee.



Amber Staynings

Founder & CEO at Bums On Seats

I was fortunate to meet Paul at a Propel event in early 2020. Paul and I hit it off straight away (as I imagine Paul does with most people). We subsequently met on a number of other occasions and I quickly came to the decision that I needed Paul’s invaluable expertise to assist me with taking Bums on Seats through the next stages of it’s business cycle (and beyond). Paul hence agreed to become my NED. I cannot express how Invaluable Paul has been for myself as a new CEO and for the company. Paul brings not only a wealth of knowledge and experience with regards to commercials but he is so full of passion for the sector and never short of new ideas. Paul grasped my business almost immediately! Every time I am with Paul I always leave with a new enthusiasm for what I do. Paul gives me clear actions and pointers and challenges me in exactly the way that I need to be challenged. Paul also balances that approach with equal support and we have shared values for putting people first which was very important to me when considering my NED. I do not want to let Paul go and I certainly see this partnership as long term. Paul has helped me through not only year 2 business but year 2 with Covid and I am beyond grateful. I have learnt so much from Paul and we are both extremely excited for 2021 (spring onwards of course). High praise indeed and thoroughly earned!

Daniel Ghadimi

Co-founder at Bowimi

Paul is a genuine hospitality expert, armed with decades of hands-on experience and a passion for the industry. He has an exceptional ability to find opportunities for collaboration which add real value to all involved and always provides intelligent insight when he’s at the table. Paul is a real asset to our business, having him involved has already delivered us an enormous amount of value and I’m excited to see what the future holds for our partnership.

Steven Alton

CEO at The British Institute of Innkeeping

Paul is passionate about the hospitality sector, its people and its rightful place at the centre of our communities. His operational expertise, absolute determination and his drive to do the right thing is valued by many. As a member of the board of the Awarding Body of the BII, he brings a commercial and forward looking approach that is greatly valued. He should also be very proud of his understated work in sourcing large scale supplies enabling key charities to deliver essential meals to the most vulnerable over recent months.

Jo Mathers

Co-Founder Limegreen Communications

I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years and can’t recommend him highly enough. His years of experience supporting both small business owners, so they maximise their revenues, to delivering operating strategies for plc businesses, with change management and people engagement key themes, make Paul a great asset for any company seeking top level consultant support. And I should add, he’s widely respected and liked by people at all levels of the corporate ladder, with that fine balance of authority and approahable personality.

Nick Coleman

Founder Snaffling Pig

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Paul for the last few years and I can honestly say he’s one of the most genuine and supportive chaps around. He saw an opportunity for his customers and publicans and despite Snaffling Pig being a small young brand with no track record he gave us advice and encouragement to develop a product range bang on what his customers needed. A natural leader who’s great with people. A true asset to any company he works with.

Katy Moses

Founder & Managing Director at KAM Media

I have worked with Paul both in the capacity of him being a client of ours and as a consultant. Paul’s passion for and knowledge of the great British pub industry is second to none; his instinctive ability to understand hospitality as a whole and see opportunities that businesses can capitalise on and pick out threats to success is just one of his many skills.
Paul is one of the most genuine, honest people I have had the pleasure to work with- he is open to ideas, has a positive and progressive attitude and is humble despite his wealth of experience and connections within the channel.
I look forward to working with Paul again in the future!

Mike Clist

Former CEO at The British Institute of Innkeeping

I have worked with Paul on various projects for many years. He has a good business brain linked with the ability to manage and be liked by the people who work for and with him. He has extensive knowledge of the hospitality business and I personally would employ him tomorrow if I had the right vacancy.

Ann Elliott

CEO Elliotts Agency

I have worked with, for and alongside Paul for a long time. I have always found him a really inspirational and motivational person- one who has made me want to go above and beyond, whatever the brief. He is a great leader with masses of integrity, honesty and humility. I have always enjoyed working with Paul, and would definitely recommend him as a consultant for other businesses. I am constantly thinking of opportunities to collaborate with him again.

Louise Newman

Founder & Managing Director of CRITIQUIE Ltd

Paul has been great in advising us on the hospitality and pub industry, regarding trends, requirements and expectations. Paul takes interest in new ideas, helps work through challenges and offers suggestions in how to progress. He has a wide network and always points us in the right direction to build our contacts and knowledge in the sector. It’s a pleasure working with Paul and I would highly recommend his skill, ability, professionalism and passion.

Hayley Simpson

Founder at Lucky Pineapple Bars

Working with Paul over the course of 2020 has been brilliant. His insight, wisdom and introductions have been hugely beneficial in supporting my business and I feel very fortunate to be working with him. Paul recognises a businesses strengths and is a fantastic cheerleader, but also is not shy to get straight to the nitty gritty of what needs to be improved, offering tangible advice that is really useful for progress and growth. A kind and generous spirit – who knows their stuff! I can’t recommend woking with Paul enough if you are looking for a trusted soundboard for your business.

Emma Causer

Chief Customer Officer, Wireless Social

I have dealt with Paul over a number of year as he has been one of my major customers. He is an expert in his field on pubs and hospitality, and his intimate expertise has made him very successful within his sector and always acts with integrity and professionalism.
He has also taken part in a mentoring project that I have helped create to support female leaders onto boards within the UK hospitality, and the feedback from Mentees from him was fantastic: supportive, empowering and inspiring.

Tim Brooke-Webb

The World’s 50 Best and Hospitality Brands. William Reed Business Media Ltd.

Paul’s grass roots knowledge of pubs and the licensed trade is extensive. Other HQ people could take a leaf out of Paul’s notebook – a book which I am sure is stocked full of operator focussed ideas of how to improve trading. He demonstrates a rare empathy for people right across the board; his team, his pub operators, his suppliers and his media partners. In the decade I have known him he has always demonstrated an inspiring balance of being a truly nice guy whilst also focussing on strategy and results. His positive impact on the culture of an organisation extends way beyond that of just his employer.

Lucy Wright

Co-founder at Nice

I’ve gotten to know Paul over the last 6 months and could not recommend him more highly. He’s professional, honest, really cares, seems to know everyone and everything worth knowing in Food Service and is generally a top guy to work with. He goes above and beyond the realms of duty and I look forward to working together in the future.

Dawn Redman

Founder & Director at Hospitality Jobs UK

Paul has fabulous commercial and business acumen with extensive understanding of the pub & hospitality sectors. He is objective, positive and not influenced by his personal feelings or opinions and provides well thought out advise backed up with considered and representing facts. Exceptionally well connected and a genuinely great guy who absolutely has your back. A genuine asset to any business where his aim and goal is to add value, growth and revenue to your bottom line.

Anthony Pender

Co-Founder at Yummy Pub Company

Not many individuals can step back and develop or aid the development of long-term strategy whilst also realistically understanding the day-to-day operational challenges for a business. Over the last year our sector and business has seen the most challenging environment we have ever seen, in this times Paul’s realistic and pragmatic approach were so valuable and grounding at a time when external views with true insight were integral.



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